WHI.3 The student will demonstrate knowledge of ancient river valley civilizations, including those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and China and the civilizations of the Hebrews, Phoenicians, and Nubians, by locating these civilizations in time and place; describing the development of social, political, and economic patterns, including slavery; explaining the development of religious traditions; describing the origins, beliefs, traditions, customs, and spread of Judaism; explaining the development of language and writing.


Students will be learning about the origins and characteristics of the Israeli culture, religion, symbols, and holy days. They will also be learning about the first sea-faring traders and the Phoenician alphabet.  Daily topics will include:


- Origins of Judaism

- Egypt and Judaism

- The Exodus

- Characteristics of Judaism

- Diaspora

- Sea-faring traders

- Phoenician alphabet