WHI.10 The student will demonstrate knowledge of civilizations and empires of the Eastern Hemisphere and their interactions through regional trade patterns by locating major trade routes; and identifying technological advances and transfers, networks of economic interdependence, and cultural interactions.

Students will be learning about the impact of the major trade routes of Asia, Europe, and Africa. The main focal points will be on what was traded, including culture and religion, and how these trade routes impacted not only groups of people, but entire regions of the Eastern hemisphere. Additionally, students will have a test due Monday on India and China. Daily topics will include the following:

 – The geography of trade routes and their overall impact on regions/cultural interactions and diffusion

 – The Indian Ocean Maritime Trade Route in South and the Middle East

– The Indian Ocean Maritime Trade Route in Southeast Asia and Japan

 – The Silk Road from China to Europe

 – The Trans-Saharan Trade Route from the Middle East through North Africa