VUS.4 The student will demonstrate knowledge of events and issues of the Revolutionary Period including analyzing how the political ideas of John Locke and those expressed in Common Sense helped shape the Declaration of Independence, evaluating how key principles in the Declaration of Independence grew in importance to become unifying ideas of American democracy, describing the political differences among the colonists concerning separation from Great Britain, and analyzing reasons for colonial victory in the Revolutionary War.


Students will be learning about and studying the American Revolution and the Revolutionary War. Special emphasis will be placed on the philosophic causes of the war and their effects on the patriotic movement. Students will be learning about and discussing the following topics:


- British Parliamentary Act against the Colonies, Continental Congresses

- Enlightenment philosophers, "Common Sense" and famous patriots, Boston events

- Comparing primary source documents from the same event from multiple perspectives

- Military strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and major engagements