This week we will focus on flexibility.  Below is the workout for this week.  There will be a short warm up designed to get the blood flowing and loosen up the muscles.  Please remember to do these exercises at your own speed.  The goal is to preform the exercises correctly instead of fast.  After the warm up is a 20 minute yoga video.  Just like the warm up, its important to execute the skills correctly, so modify anything that may be too difficult for you.  

We will continue with our Health class during our weekly Zoom meeting on Wednesday.  This week we will be learning about Drugs/Alcohol.


Please focus on completing each exercise correctly, remember it is not how fast you complete the movement but how well you complete each rep.

Warm up: Repeat 2x’s

20 jumping jacks

12 high kicks

15 shoulder touches

12 curl ups

Jog in place for 30 secs 

Yoga Video

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