We will continue with our Frisbee unit this week.  It appears that it will be raining for most of the week, so instead of Ultimate Frisbee outside, we'll be playing Kan Jam in the gym.   This game is designed to focus on throwing a disc at a target and utilizes  teamwork between the partners.  Mr. Jeff and myself will be using the game time to assist students will using correct form to get the disc to travel towards the target on a consistent basis.  

SOL:    1.1 a,h,j,k
              2.1 a,g,h
             3.3 a,c,d
              4.3 a,b,c
             5.4 a,b,c,e

Monday:        Throwing at a target/Kan Jam
Tuesday:        Throwing at a target/Kan Jam
Wednesday: Kan Jam
Thursday:      Work out in the weight room
Friday:            Kan Jam