This week the students will be learning about the bones from the appendicular and axial skeletal system along with certain core muscle groups.   They will learn the correct anatomical name and location of these bones and muscles as well as how they play a role in the movement.  The students will learn of the relationship between the muscles and bones and how they used for physical activity.  They will learn what muscles are being used during their warm up routine and the games we play.

SOL:  1.2 b,d  2.2 d,f  3.2 b,d  4.2 b,c  5.2 b

Monday:            Arm and leg muscles and bones from the appendicular skeletal system
Tuesday:            Review from Monday/Soccer
Wednesday:     Chest, shoulders, and core muscles and bones from the axial skeletal system
Thursday:          Weight room 
Friday:                Review of all muscles and bones/Kickball