Welcome back everyone!  I am excited and ready for a brand new school year!  We are going to start out this year by getting the Fitness Gram pre-test out of the way first.  The students will be participating in four test; sit and reach, push up, curl up and pacer.  Each test is designed to gauge an individuals current fitness level in four separate physiological area; flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.  My goal is to focus more on the fitness side of PE this year and using team and individual sports as a compliment to that.  

SOL Objective: 2.1 a, g,  2.3 b,d
                          3.3 a, c, d
                          4.3 a, b, c
                          5.3 a, e

Monday:        Welcome Back intro/rules/expectations/Fitness goals
Tuesday:        Push up/Curl up Test
Wednesday: Sit and Reach/Pacer
Thursday:      Kickball
Friday:            NO SCHOOL