This week we will be starting our Frisbee Golf unit.   This sport is exactly as it sounds; it combines Frisbee with Golf.  There is a 9 hole course set up in the field.   The students start at the tee box and the objective is to throw the Frisbee and hit the sign at the end of the hole.  The students will record their score (the number of throws it takes) on their score card.

The students will still practice throwing and catching before every class.  I will be emphasizing the importance of a straight throw for this sport.  Frisbee Golf not only requires the ability to throw far, but to throw with accuracy as well.  

SOL:     1.1c,d,i
            2.1a,h, 2.4b
            3.1a, 3.2b
            4.1a, 4.2b

Monday:          No School
Tuesday:         Fitness goals/throwing and catching 
Wednesday:    Throwing and Catching/ throwing at a target
Thursday:        Fitness day
Friday:            Disc golf