This week we will be starting our Football unit.  We'll start off by learning the basics of throwing and catching the football for the first week.  We will accomplish this by participating in drills and playing a game with the remaining time in class.  The ultimate goal for this unit is to be able to play and participate in games of flag football.  The students will also be learning how to run routes which will help them to be more successful during the game.  This is one of the more popular games here so I will try to let them play as many games as I can over the next few weeks.  
SOL: 1.1 c,j 2.1 a,f 3.1 a,e 4.1 a,d 5.1 a,e

Monday:       Throwing and Catching
Tuesday:      Throwing and Catching/Routes
Wednesday:  Throwing and Catching/Routes
Thursday:     Weight room
Friday:          Flag football