This week we will be starting our Hockey unit.  A lot of the students really look forward to this unit and I am excited as well.  We have some great new hockey equipment included four sets of goalie equipment; two for the older students and two for the younger.  My number one priority is safety for this unit.  And my hope is that the students will follow the safety rules so that we can have a great hockey unit.  We will be working on the basics this week including rules, how to use the equipment, passing, and stick handling.   At the conclusion of each drill we will play a game with the remaining time.

SOL: 1.1c  2.1h  3.1a  4.1a  5.1a 


Monday:              NO School

Tuesday:             NO School

Wednesday:        Rules/Use of Equipment/Passing/game

Thursday:            Weight room

Friday:                 Passing/stick handling/game