The students will be starting the volleyball unit this week and it will run for the next three weeks.  The students will be learning the different hits (bump, set, spike and serve), rules of the game, rotations and how to use bio mechanical levers to hit the ball.   We will learn a rule or two every day until the students can play a regular game.  We will be using the beach ball for the first week or two.  This will help with the students success rate and flow of the game.  I will introduce the real volleyball when the class is ready.

This week the students will be learning the bump and set.  The students will take part in drills that focus on these hits.  I will leave 10-15 minutes at the end of class to play a game with the beach ball. 

SOL:  1.1c, 2.1a, 3.1a, 4.1a, 5.1a

Monday:        Bump and the boundaries of the court
Tuesday:        Bump and only hitting the ball one time in a row
Wednesday:  Set and rotation
Thursday:     Weight Room
Friday:            Set and spacing