This week we will be starting a unit on Handball.  This sport is very similar to some of the other sports we learned this year.  Handball is played with a small foam ball and the objective is to score a point by throwing it in the goal.  There are a few rules that make is harder then it seems.  Students can only take two steps with the ball before either passing it to a teammate or throwing it at the goal.  If the ball hits the ground at any point, the ball goes over to the other team.  It is essentially just like ultimate frisbee, but instead of scoring a touchdown, you try to get the ball past the goalie to score a goal.  We have already learned many of the skills needed; throwing and catching and defense, so we will spend most of the class playing the game.  

Monday:           Handball
Tuesday:          Handball
Wednesday:      Handball
Thursday:         Weight room
Friday:             Handball