This week we will start our Basketball unit.  They will start to learn the rules involved which will help create a more fluid game once we start playing full games.  Even if a student excels in basketball the practice of the basic drills will help to refine their skills.  My goal is to have everyone be able to participate in a successful game that requires the basic skills and knowledge of the rules.  I will use the first 10-15 of class to explain a rule and skill.  During that time they will participate in a drill that involves the skill of the day.  The rest of the class will be spent playing a game.    

This week the students will learn the basics of how to dribble a basketball.  

SOL:   1.1d   2.1c   3.1a   4.1a   5.1d

Monday:            NO School
Tuesday:           NO School
Wednesday:      Intro to Basketball/Dribbling
Thursday:         Weight room
Friday:              Dribbling with dominate and non-dominate hand