The students will be continuing the volleyball unit this week.   The area of focus we be the set and serve.  We will use the first few days doing drills that will help the students practice the set.  Then the last couple days of the week will be spent learning how to serve the ball.  The students will learn both the underhand and overhand serve.  I will replace the beach ball with a real volleyball once a majority of the class learns how to server.   I will also be enforcing a few more game rules this week such as; net violation, three hit maximum and rotation violation.

SOL:   1.1c,  2.1a  3.1a  4.1a  5.1a

Monday:             "Set" drills/volleyball game (beach ball)
Tuesday:            "Set" drills/volleyball game (beach ball)
Wednesday:     Underhand serve/game
Thursday:          Weight room
Friday:                 Overhand serve/game