During week 5, students taking Earth Science will be introduced to the unit on Rocks. However, we will review our unit on Minerals. Students will have gone through a lesson on the basics of minerals in Chapter 2 before starting on Rocks in Chapter 3. The SOL strand covered in this unit is ES.5 and 6

ES.5 The student will investigate and understand how to identify major rock-forming and ore minerals based on physical and chemical properties. Key concepts include a) hardness, color and streak, luster, cleavage, fracture, and unique properties; and b) uses of minerals.

ES.6 The student will investigate and understand the rock cycle as it relates to the origin and transformation of rock types and how to identify common rock types based on mineral composition and textures. Key concepts include a) igneous (intrusive and extrusive) rocks; b) sedimentary (clastic and chemical) rocks; and c) metamorphic (foliated and unfoliated) rocks.

The week will go as follows:


Tuesday - Review the basics of minerals, Introduce the 3 types of rocks with PowerPoint, draw/color/label rock cycle

Thursday - Igneous rocks, Chapter 3, complete guided worksheets and section assessment