During the 4th week, students taking Earth Science will be introduced to the unit on Minerals. However, we will briefly discuss a unit on Chemistry. Students will use chapter 2 in the book and multiple powerpoints will be used during this unit. The SOL strand covered in this unit is ES.5, student will investigate and understand how to identify major rock-forming and ore minerals based on physical and chemical properties. Key concepts include a) hardness, color and streak, luster, cleavage, fracture, and unique properties; and b) uses of minerals. The week will go as follows:


Monday - Review the basics of chemistry, Chapter 2.1

Wednesday - 2.2 Properties of Minerals, guided notes

Friday - Minerals, powerpoint with notes


This is a very important unit, as it will be the basis for our next unit on Rocks. There is a power point attached in the files on this unit which students can use to study