ES.2 The student will demonstrate scientific reasoning and logic by a) analyzing how science explains and predicts the interactions and dynamics of complex Earth systems; b) recognizing that evidence is required to evaluate hypotheses and explanations; c) comparing different scientific explanations for a set of observations about the Earth; d) explaining that observation and logic are essential for reaching a conclusion; and e) evaluating evidence for scientific theories.


During the 3rd week of school, students will be working completing their first assessment. We will then jump into Chapter 2 from the textbook. This chapter deals with chemistry and the types of bonds that hold things together then goes into minerals. At the end of the week, we will review the properties of minerals. This unit is part of the SOL strand ES.1 and ES.4 The week will go as follows:


Tuesday - Complete assessment on Chapter 1 and review test


Thursday - 2.2 introduction to Minerals, powerpoint and guided worksheets 2.3 Properties of minerals, powerpoint and guided worksheets