During week 25, students will continue to learn about the oceans. We will specifically cover ocean movement and the cause of tides. Students will also be part of a demonstration on how water temperature and salinity affects density. ES.11 The student will investigate and understand that oceans are complex, interactive physical, chemical, and biological systems and are subject to long- and short-term variations. Key concepts include a) physical and chemical changes (tides, waves, currents, sea level and ice cap variations, upwelling, and salinity variations); b) importance of environmental and geologic implications; c) systems interactions (density differences, energy transfer, weather, and climate); d) features of the sea floor (continental margins, trenches, mid-ocean ridges, and abyssal plains) as reflections of tectonic processes; and e) economic and public policy issues concerning the oceans and the coastal zone including the Chesapeake Bay.

This unit is part of the SOL strand ES.10. The week will go as follows:


Monday - Complete Virginia Provinces kmz file, interactive Google Earth

Wednesday - 14.1, guided notes and powerpoint, mapping ocean floor

Friday - Complete 14.2 and 14.3, guided notes and powerpoint


Have a great week!!