During the 23rd week, students taking Earth Science will continue on the unit of Earth's History, SOL ES.10. ES.10 The student will investigate and understand that many aspects of the history and evolution of the Earth and life can be inferred by studying rocks and fossils. Key concepts include a) traces and remains of ancient, often extinct, life are preserved by various means in many sedimentary rocks; b) superposition, cross-cutting relationships, index fossils, and radioactive decay are methods of dating bodies of rock; c) absolute and relative dating have different applications but can be used together to determine the age of rocks and structures; and d) rocks and fossils from many different geologic periods and epochs are found in Virginia.

I CAN explain the different geological time periods.


Monday - Chapter 12.4, followed by chapter assessment at end of chapter

Wednesday - Chapter 13, in depth discussion on specific eras

Friday - Completion of chapter 13 and unit


Have a great week.