During week 10, students taking Earth Science will begin on the unit of Fresh and Groundwater. We will be working out of the textbook in chapter 6.! The SOL strand that covers this unit is ES. 9. ES.9 The student will investigate and understand how freshwater resources are influenced by geologic processes and the activities of humans. Key concepts include a) processes of soil development; b) development of karst topography; c) identification of groundwater zones including the water table, zone of saturation, and zone of aeration; d) identification of other sources of fresh water including rivers, springs, and aquifers, with reference to the hydrologic cycle; e) dependence on freshwater resources and the effects of human usage on water quality; and f) identification of the major watershed systems in Virginia including the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. The week will go as follows:


Tuesday - Chapter 5 Assessment

Thursday - Begin reading 6.1


We hope you have a great week!