Students taking Earth Science will continue to learn about resources. We have started this unit with renewable and nonrenewable resources and will move on to renewable energy, water, air and land resources. We will finish by discussing the human impact on our resources and environment. We will move out of Chapter 4 and into Chapter 5 of the book. This unit is part of the SOL ES. 7. ES.7 The student will investigate and understand the differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Key concepts include a) fossil fuels, minerals, rocks, water, and vegetation; b) advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources; c) resources found in Virginia; d) making informed judgments related to resource use and its effects on Earth systems; and e) environmental costs and benefits.

The week will go as follows:


Tuesday - Review chapter 4.3 and 4.4

Thursday - Interactive achievement assessment on Renewable and Nonrenewable resources