This week, we will finish our discussion on rock types and finish the assessment that goes with the unit. During week 7, we will also begin discussing Resources which goes with the SOL strands ES. 7. ES.7 The student will investigate and understand the differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Key concepts include a) fossil fuels, minerals, rocks, water, and vegetation; b) advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources; c) resources found in Virginia; d) making informed judgments related to resource use and its effects on Earth systems; and e) environmental costs and benefits.


We will begin with energy and mineral resources, how they form, where they are found, and common uses. We will be in chapter 4 of our book and the week will go as follows:


Monday - Teacher work day

Wednesday - Review Rocks assessment, Discussion from 4.1 in book, what are energy and mineral resources? Complete PowerPoint presentation and guided notes from 4.1

Friday - Video on alternative energy, Begin section 4.2, alternative energy sources, complete 4.2 guided notes