Can Do Goals-


I can effectively complete (2) Achieve3000 articles, including article summary, and increase my Lexile Level score.


I can participate in the "Read and Ride" program, summarizing the short story read.


I can effectively take notes from the short story when in the classroom. 


I can discuss and define new terms.


I can successfully complete my QRI-5 test.




Students begin non-fiction article in Achieve3000, including poll question, article summarizing, activity, and thought questions.


Students participate in the "Read and Ride" program.


Students take notes on a completed short story.




Monitor note taking.


Activity questions (1st and 2nd try) recorded by TA and completion monitored by teacher through Achieve3000 account

The student will read, comprehend, and analyze a variety of literary texts including narratives, narrative nonfiction, poetry, and drama.