Learning How Goals-


I am learning how to analyze different types of tsunami's

I am learning how tsunami's effect coastlines and populations.






Students research two recent tsunami's: Indonesia (2004) and Japan (2011) 

Students develop a PowerPoint comparing and contrasting these two tsunami's  





Monitor research progress.

Monitor PowerPoint progress



Ocean 4: Students will investigate waves and tides and analyze their influence on coastal


a. Explain how waves are generated.
b. Explain the role of the moon and the sun in the formation of tides and tide patterns.
c. Describe the role of waves, tides, and sea level change on the physical structure of the coast.
d. Investigate the relationship of tides and waves on the distribution and diversity of organisms in shallow water communities such as rocky intertidal zones and
e. Identify natural hazards (e.g., tsunamis, hurricanes, and sea level change) and their impact on coastal communities.