For the fourth quarter, the virtual Oceanography class will make up two components:

The files are located under my James Barnett Web Page under Files and Documents, and include questions from the last three chapters of the textbook: Unit 6, "The Present and the Future of the Marine Environment". I fully realize that none of you students have the textbook at home, but the questions are easily answerable if you search the internet.  Each assignment (ex. 17.5, 17.15, 17.24...) can be typed on a word processor.  One assignment per page (Times New Roman, 12 font) and sent to my school email address:  These assignments are due May 22, 2020. 

Research the following websites.  All of them involve way to save the ocean.  From your research compose a 1000 word essay on what humans can do to insure the ocean remains vital to the planet.  The essay (Times New Roman, 12 font) can be sent to my school email address:  This essay is due May 22, 2020.