Please plan to attend virtual Zoom meeting, April 15 at 9:00 AM

Capture the Moments You Are Living 2020 - COVID-19

You are living through an unprecedented moment in history—right now! Today, tomorrow, and the days that follow will be captured in history books. Someday, you will share stories with your children about living through this time. Because these days are historical, it is critical that we not let these events pass without capturing how they affect you, your family, your school, and your community.

Journal Writing:

Capture your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns about the events that are unfolding in your journal. Capture this history—your history—any way you’d like.

Below are some suggestions for entries.

● Capture how this virus has disrupted your school year

● Discuss how your daily life has been disrupted.

● Share the effect it has had on your friends and family.

● Write reviews of movies, television shows and Youtube videos you may be binge watching

● Respond to a tweet, an Instagram post, a TikTok video, -anything that spurs some thinking about the crisis.

As the crisis unfolds, you will be able to easily find new events or happenings that encourage reflection. This story changes every day. Find something worthy of writing and thinking about.

Be Creative

• Write across genres: poetry, dialogue (just capture a conversation between people), description: zoom in on a moment you experience.

• Make a playlist of songs that capture these events for you.

• Create lists of inconveniences or restrictions you experience daily or of things you always took for granted and now appreciate more.

• Draw a comic.

You decide how best to chronicle your thinking. What is the best way to capture this historical moment? Try to create writing that you will be interested in re-reading years from now. Essentially you are to journal how your lives are different when you are forced to “not go to school” and contrast that with how you thought it would be to "not have to go to school". 

Chronicle your thinking as we navigate these uncertain days/weeks and submit your journal entries by Thursday of each week for a weekly grade.

You may take a picture of your journal or email to for submission.  Please let me know if you have any questions and be safe!

Mr. James