Students analyze the elements of short story, drama, poetry, autobiography, biography, mythology, epic, and nonfiction, and develop an independent reading program. They compose narrative, literary, expository, and technical writings. Each unit of literary study involves increasingly complex texts, with an emphasis placed on the development of written and oral communication. Grammar instruction includes sentence formation, usage, and mechanics; and students develop vocabulary skills through a variety of methods. The skills of using the information management process are used to create a research paper.

-Students needing to raise their grade to earn credit by April 24th should use the resources to complete listed activities. This will count as make-up work required to pass the course. Students can complete Word-based assignments digitally, save their work and send it to me via email. Students may also print and complete each activity and attach it via email back to me, or use their phone to take a picture of the completed work and send that via email. For those that cannot print PDF's or complete worksheets digitally, responses can be typed up in a new document and attach that. All completed work should be sent to:

-Remember, grades for the 3rd quarter can only go UP and the quarter ends April 24th!

students should be working through these assignments in preparation for learning material that will be coming out for the 4th quarter. 

-I will continue to host Zoom virtual class from 9-10 am every Wednesday. Please attend for instructional assistance and Q & A as needed for either class. Refer to your PWCS Outlook email for Zoom meeting info.