Can Do Goals-


I can read and discuss To His Coy Mistress

I can discuss the poem's place in Renaissance England.

I can recognize how the English language evolves over time.






Students take PowerPoint notes on To His Coy Mistress

Students read the poem

I can work on my comparative essay comparing Grendel in Beowulf to Grendel in Grendel.





Monitor progress of notes.

Monitor progress of essay.

The student will apply knowledge of word origins, derivations, and figurative language to extend vocabulary development in authentic texts.
Analyze how dramatic conventions including character, scene, dialogue, and staging contribute to the theme and effect.
Compare and contrast dramatic elements of plays from American, British, and other cultures.
using context, visual aids, reference materials, and knowledge of morphology in their native language, determine the meaning of frequently occurring words, phrases, and expressions