Last week students were introduced to our first reading selection of the year, "Lord of the Flies".  Students took part in some pre-reading activities and selected a character and symbol to follow as we read the book.  We also looked at a Prezi presentation, which is linked here:

We then read the first chapter of the book, stopping to foreshadow and discuss character development.

Over the next several weeks, we will continue to read the book aloud, discuss major themes, and relate the book to our society today.  This is a very interactive time in class and we expect students to be in class, participate in discussions, and add their own perspectives.  

So far our students have enjoyed this classic book.  The English 9 SOL we will focus on is:
9.4 The student will read, comprehend, and analyze a variety of literary texts including narratives, narrative nonfiction, poetry, and drama. a) Identify author’s main idea and purpose. b) Summarize text relating supporting details. c) Identify the characteristics that distinguish literary forms. d) Use literary terms in describing and analyzing selections. e) Explain the relationships between and among elements of literature: characters, plot, setting, tone, point of view, and theme. f) Compare and contrast the use of rhyme, rhythm, sound, imagery, and other literary devices to convey a message and elicit the reader’s emotion. g) Analyze the cultural or social function of a literary text. h) Explain the relationship between the author’s style and literary effect. i) Explain the influence of historical context on the form, style, and point of view of a written work. j) Compare and contrast author’s use of literary elements within a variety of genres. k) Analyze how an author’s specific word choices and syntax achieve special effects and support the author’s purpose. l) Make predictions, inferences, draw conclusions, and connect prior knowledge to support reading comprehension. m) Use reading strategies to monitor comprehension throughout the reading process.