Parents as Educational Partners (PEP)
Posted on 11/12/2020
Parents as Educational Partners (PEP) is a parent-teacher organization for parents of students K-12 of any language or cultural background.  The mission of PEP is to increase the academic achievement of English-language learner students by developing and maintaining strong school-home partnerships tied to improved student achievement.

For more information on the PEP Program, contact Regla Perez Pino, PEP and EL Counseling Coordinator, at 703-491-8432 (Ann Ludwig Central Registration Services) or the main line of the Office of English Learner Programs and Services at 703-791-8745.

PEP Program Classes With Rosetta Stone

Classes are held at both the Ann Ludwig Center and the Stonewall Center in addition to local schools.  Please contact Regla Perez Pino, PEP and EL Counseling Coordinator at 703-491-8432 or contact your school for more information.