May 27, 2020     
As learning enrichment continues, please check this web page at least once a week.  There are lots of resources on this page that you can as an extension of your learning.  If you are running out of things to do, check out the resources.  They willkeep you busy practicing your skills while having fun!

Enrichment discussion for Tuesday June 2: Recall and explain a way of converting a percent to a decimal. (Today we discussed dividing the percent by 100.  Can you recall another way?)

Math prompts for Tuesday, June 2 and Thursday, June 4 are below.  They will be discussed during virtual enrichment classes next week.

Tuesday- Look around your home.  What is the ratio of doors to windows?
Thursday- Use your hand as a unit of measure.  How many "hands" is the measure of your refrigerator?

Khan Academy

Click on this link:

Log-in with your username and password for Khan Academy and begin learning!


Big Ideas Online Math Book

(our actual math book used in class)

Click on this link:

  1. Click on- Log in with Clever
  2. Search for school if required “PACE West School”
  3. Click on “Log in with Office 365”
  4. Use your email and password.

IXL is aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Work at your pace and be sure to use the built in support. Click on this hyperlink and choose your grade level.

Under ‘Textbook skills plans’:

-Click on Big Ideas Math (2019) and

the grade you are in for extra practice


Academic Skill Builders

This is a great link for building math skills. You get to compete with students around the country. Try these math games and have fun!


Jefferson Lab SOL Practice

Any practice test completed please email me the results to me at when prompted. I would like to see progress. These are not graded.


Math Dictionary for Kids

If you are working and get stumped on the meaning of a word, please use this online math dictionary as a reference. This dictionary defines 400 commonly used mathematical terms in very simple language.

Desmos Calculator

Click on the link:

Click on: Grades 6-8:Scientific Calculator

Explore math while having fun with Desmos

NCTM Illuminations

Click on the link:

This site has online lessons covering all sorts of math concepts.


Math Prodigy

Enter your username and password for prodigy.


Please continue to check my class website for updates.

Please check student email for any feedback on virtual learning with Khan academy, IXL, or Big Ideas Math.

Please reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns

Please understand, all work is optional at this time.

Please be safe!

Expectations for Middle School Math

Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Computational Thinking


Write their thinking process on paper
Verbally explain their process
Ask at least 2 Peers before asking teachers
Make mistakes
Use Math Language
Value the process & not just the answer

*Math Tutoring on Wednesdays for all students.- on hold until further notice